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Entrepreneurs stand out in times of coronavirus: Eduardo Graniello Pérez


The work of startups done worldwide before the Covid-19 situation began is beginning to take shape, as explained by the entrepreneurial specialist Eduardo Graniello Pérez.

Although it is the technology-based companies that have maintained their operations regularly, such as Rappi, Uber, Postmates, among others, Graniello Pérez highlights that there are many more startups that have stood out for their work and usefulness in recent months.

«The way of living has changed a lot in recent months. Some entrepreneurs have known how to take advantage of the context to generate new solutions that facilitate the development of daily activities for those who had stayed at home, as for those required by to go out in a normal way», points out the specialist.»

«In Chile, Antu Energía & Smart Cargo has caught my attention, as these startups have decided to join forces to create a vaccination at home. They carry influenza vaccines or carry out Covid-19 tests, through an electric van. This startup is useful for older people who are highly vulnerable to contagion or who, due to their context, cannot travel to medical centers,» explains Graniello Pérez.

However, the expert also highlights the work that entrepreneurs do in Mexico, with the objective of social responsibility, to help vulnerable populations due to the economic context and their slowdown.

«There is a project called La Cana focused on creating job opportunities for women who are deprived of their liberty, through the implementation of workshops and programs that will provide professional development and facilitate their reintegration into society. With the sale of products that they weave in the different prisons that this startup attends, women can support their families even in this quarantine, «says Graniello Pérez.

«Another venture that I think is worth noting is that of Fruvii in Colombia. It is a mobile application through which vegetables and fruits are marketed mainly to customers in Medellín. This helps decrease the number of infections by preventing people from going to the supermarket, «he points out.

«These startups, the resilience to endure a difficult time like the one that coronavirus has brought, and the vision with which entrepreneurs have managed to create new business models, ideas, services, or solutions that could become the enablers of the economy in the future», points out Graniello Pérez.

SOURCE Eduardo Graniello Perez

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